Let’s talk vomit

OK … it’s such a fun subject to discuss … right?

Well … this is our life.  Everyday!

M has had vomiting issues since she was a baby.  We would have to change her outfit 6+ times a day due to her spitting up … the doctor just thought she was a “Happy Spitter” … do you realize that is a real thing?  A Happy Spitter?  Yeah, a surprise to me too.  They kept telling us she would outgrow it.  Hmm … still waiting!

As she grew, spitting got worse.  She was hospitalized as ‘failure to thrive’ – she was spitting up all the time!  They tested for almost everything … why do I say almost?  Well, she’s still spitting!  This is what has been looked at …

  1. Celiac / Gluten – tested 2 years ago.  Time to retest?  Maybe!
  2. Acid Reflux
  3. Neurological (like sea sickness)
  4. Colonoscopy
  5. Upper GI
  6. Stomach Biopsy
  7. Stomach Emptying Study (you know, the one that involves ingesting nuclear material)
  8. Endoscopy

Finally … M was referred to allergy.  The allergist said, No, I don’t think this is your issue, but let’s test anyway.  Well … allergy came back with a High Milk Allergy and a Soy Allergy. Welcome to our life with an EpiPen.

But … the allergist was right.  It does not appear to have solved the issue.  Well … it solved it for 7 months.  7 GLORIOUS months of no vomit.  It was wonderful!  AND THEN …

Amoxicillin allergy.  Ugh!  Hives everywhere.  And the reintroduction of vomiting.  Since then (6 months now) the longest we have been vomit free is 2 weeks.  We’ve added a probiotic … short-term help.  We added Claritin (runny nose, seasonal allergy) – it got worse!  Yup … M is allergic to allergy medicine.  But the vomiting is still there.  They are getting it at school.  We are getting it at home.  And when you have a 3.5 year old special needs child, she doesn’t care WHERE she spits up … she just spits and then walks all through it.

So … what now?  That’s what I’m asking.  Food Sensitivity testing?  Additional allergy testing?  Gluten?  Corn?  WHAT?!?

We were supposed to have our ‘regular’ GI follow-up (we go every 3 months) at the end of May … it’s now scheduled for next week.  Wish us luck!

Signed ,,,

Mom of a Chromo Cutie … juggling my responsibilitiesjuggling


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