Doctor Appointments

We met R2D2

We had our GI doctor’s appointment today at Children’s Hospital.  And we met R2D2 … more about that in a moment!  First, the doctor visit.

Unfortunately, no real answers.  We are going to start ‘over’ with trying things we tried years ago … maybe now they will work.  But we have to go through the list one-by-one.  Starting with Reflux medication – – which the drug store didn’t have available.  Hmm … should be able to get it today.  BUT, when your child is spitting up all the time, I don’t want to wait.

The main concern with this … M may start spitting up intentionally if we cannot stop the involuntary.  It may become an autism / self-stimulation thing.  Only time will tell … so let’s stop this now.

While at the hospital though, we had to have blood drawn.  M was definitely not happy with that.  They took 3 tubes out of her!  I wasn’t sure they were going to be able to get the 3rd tube as the flow definitely slowed down.  I played M’s favorite music on my iPhone to try and help her through (only helped a little) … so we listened to Frank Sinatra.  Yup, when she is very upset she needs her Frank.  I think she was more upset that people were touching her.  After the needle was out she was still screaming.  When I told the nurse I would hold the gauze and the nurse stopped touching her she calmed right down.

OK … but let’s get to the exciting part of the day.  After leaving blood work I was trying to find my way back to the main entrance.  I was not used to this part of the hospital and was a little lost.  I finally found an elevator (only one) that would bring me there.  And it was right next to the Patient Recreation Room!  Long line for the elevator … let’s go see what’s happening to keep M busy.  Well … yesterday being May 4 (may the fourth be with you), Children’s Hospital had R2D2 there!



I know in the picture she doesn’t look very excited – but trust me, she was!

The minute R2D2 started talking M’s head came straight up and she looked directly at him!

She was intrigued with the flashing lights and the bleep-beeping noises.

Maybe she speaks R2 when she’s vocalizing?

Maybe one day she will be able to tell me.


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