Ride the bus?

I received a call today.  Currently, M is transported to school on a special needs bus that has a chair lift and lifts her stroller into the bus (like a wheelchair) and that is her seat on the bus.  Well, the bus coordinator would like to know if we can switch M to a seat (with a safety harness).

Wow … I did not see this coming.

Yes, M is now able to walk up and down stairs.  But she is still only 28 lbs!!  Plus, M is visually impaired.  When I put her in an area she is not familiar with, her entire body shakes and she has a meltdown.  I actually had an orientation and mobility (O&M) study done at the school.  When it was completed, they kept her in the school environment where M is comfortable and she maneuvered the room and areas wonderfully.  And that is great.  But that is not what happens in the community.

I took a video of her tonight when we went to the local walking path.  There was no one else around to be scaring her … and after I calmed her down about having her stand on the path, we started to walk – and that is what the video was about.  I am only on the free version of the sight, so I can’t load the video, but it wasn’t pretty.  I sent the video to the teacher and let her know my concerns.  Let’s see what they think.

The picture is after 15 minutes in between the panic when she would look around.  

On a side note, she LOVES this path!  We walk here often with her in the stroller, so it’s not a totally new place.


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