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Surgery … check

This past week seemed to go so slow, but fast at the same time.

M had her strabismus surgery … the 2 hour wait from when I left her in the Operating Room to when I saw her in recovery were the longest 2 hours going.  But, let me start at the beginning.

We received the call letting me know that M’s surgery was scheduled for 12:30 pm and I needed to arrive at the hospital 1.5 hours before.  And feed your child nothing.  UGH!  Well, I let her sleep late and play in her bed (as if I was asleep).  Got her up and out the door directly.  She was a little confused, not upset by it, just looking at me funny.  We left earlier than I needed to … so we stopped at Dunkin Donuts so I could get my iced macchiato before heading in.  Well … good thing I left early as the traffic was not the best due to road construction.

We were there right on time!  M was doing great, until the nurse walked around the desk and she immediately started crying.  Have I mentioned she cries at the sight of doctors or nurses?  All the nurse needed to do was put her pretty bracelet identifying her on the wrist.  I did it for her (and then promptly put the tag under Ms shirt so she wouldn’t see it).

Image may contain: one or more people and closeupThen we started to wait!  Sitting in the waiting area for us to be called back, I started taking some pictures of M’s eyes … I wanted to make sure we had that beautiful ‘before’ short from the surgery.  Because even though they needed to be fixed, they were still absolutely beautiful to me.   I was able to capture pictures of her eye floating out (and the doctor even looked at it prior to the surgery).

Then we go back … and the dreaded weight check!  Well, according to them M gained 0.2kg in 1.5 weeks … but they weighed her dressed and with her sneakers still on (silly people).  So I’m not going to take this as a serious weight check.  We went through allergy information and had a pretty red bracelet added.  I had to put M in her little johnny with the pants (OMG … she looked so precious) and they let me know the doctor was running about 30 min behind.  OK … so I still have 1.5 hours to keep a 3.5 year old child entertained … and before anyone says it, she doesn’t watch TV.  She does love to go for walks in her carriage though.

So … we walked … and walked … and walked … and FitBit lied and said I barely got steps in.

Oh, and while we walked, we sang.  Itsy Bitsy Spider.  Wheels on the Bus.  Jesus Loves Me.

Image may contain: one or more people, people sitting and indoorWe walked around and around in a circle of the preop – – there was NO ONE else there!  I was shocked, but it definitely made things easier.  If I stopped walking, M would start vocalizing and signing more.  So more walking and singing I did.

Finally … it was our turn.  Anesthesia came out to discuss how it was going to go, I put a paper gown over my clothes and on went the stylish hat over my hair.  And I walked M into the OR, sat with her, played her Frank (she loves Sinatra), and held on tight as she tried to fight off the grape smelling mask.  But finally, she gave in.  I was whisked out of there faster than I had seen them move all day!

Into the waiting area … and sat.  Texting people to let them know it just started.  Checking FaceBook trying to stay occupied.  Crocheting a Christmas gift (I’m determined to finish before Christmas this year).  I watched parent after parent get the news that their child was out of surgery and they could go back to the post-op area.

Finally, Dr. H came out and told me went wonderful and that M did great.  No complications.  She did state she was surprised though.  When performing strabismus surgery, normally the muscle that is doing all the pulling of the eye to the wrong area is a big thick muscle.  But M’s muscle was a little wispy thing.

Have I mentioned that M likes to be different?

Image may contain: 1 person, sleeping and closeupSo, I pack up all the stuff in the waiting room and I go back to see her.  She looked so much older (they had her bangs brushed back), but she still looked perfect.  She was sleeping and stayed that way for another 30 min or so … she would stir, but they said the sleep was good for her so I just whispered in her ear that it was ok and she settled back down.

Finally she was awake enough that she wanted to be held … so I did … such a wonderful moment.  She had a barky cough due to the tube down the throat, but lungs were nice and clear.  She also wouldn’t swallow at first (probably because of the tube irritation as well), but I was finally get her to eat (and swallow) a popsicle.  Yes, you read that right.  She ate a popsicle!  I started with just putting small chunks in her mouth (the nurse had cut off a couple pieces for me), but then when I held up the popsicle she took a bite.  Last year she was adamant she would not eat popsicles (I don’t think she understood them).

Then, we got dressed and was out of the hospital to go home.  Traffic at 5 pm leaving a major city, not fun.  But we were ok.  M napped a little in the car still.

When we were finally home, M was so happy!  Started walking around and found her string she likes to play with.  Things were normal again.  We just did yogurt for dinner (nice and smooth on the throat) … and then …

The medication from the hospital wore off … M was so hurting!  She would be almost asleep for bed and then her whole body would jerk and she’d kick her legs and start screaming.  I layed in bed with her … used her weighted blanket … and she was finally able to drift off (yes, we also gave her the pain meds from the hospital before this all started).

She stayed home from school for 2 days and was back to school on the Friday.

That Friday, I noticed her eye looked ‘different’ than the day before.  So I took a picture and emailed Dr. H … she emailed me back 20 min later letting me know the ‘bump’ I saw was normal and nothing for this anxious mom to worry about.

So … I’m putting the drops in the eyes (umm … she hates them) and just enjoying watching M play this weekend.

Life is good and Love is wonderful.


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