Doctor Appointments

We met R2D2

We had our GI doctor’s appointment today at Children’s Hospital.  And we met R2D2 … more about that in a moment!  First, the doctor visit.

Unfortunately, no real answers.  We are going to start ‘over’ with trying things we tried years ago … maybe now they will work.  But we have to go through the list one-by-one.  Starting with Reflux medication – – which the drug store didn’t have available.  Hmm … Continue reading “We met R2D2”


Let’s talk vomit

OK … it’s such a fun subject to discuss … right?

Well … this is our life.  Everyday!

M has had vomiting issues since she was a baby.  We would have to change her outfit 6+ times a day due to her spitting up … the doctor just thought she was a “Happy Spitter” … do you realize that is a real thing?  A Happy Spitter?  Yeah, a surprise to me too.  They kept telling us she would outgrow it.  Hmm … still waiting!

Continue reading “Let’s talk vomit”


Imperfectly Perfect

Hello everyone!

I am going to (once again) try blogging.  What about you ask?  Well … about being imperfectly perfect!

My little one has various medical issues, including autism and a chromosome deletion.  Part of her 13th chromosome is missing – and of course, this causes issues.

BUT … even with everything she goes through … to me, she is PERFECT!

So, I’m going to work on documenting my life with M!  The challenges we face.  The celebrations we have.  And, of course, the life of a 3-year old Chromo Cutie.

Hope you enjoy.  And I hope I remember to post!

Mom of a Chromo Cutie.