Allergy or Gut?

So, I think I have figured out M’s constant vomiting. 


We knew milk and soy – when we removed those the vomiting stopped. Then she had an allergic reaction to amoxicillin. Start up the vomiting again. 

Seasonal allergies (runny nose, etc) kicked in – vomiting worse than ever. Put her in Claritin. Found out vomits worse with Claritin and apples. Suspected allergy. 

Removed those and it stopped. Until yesterday when she got a mosquito bite. Swelled all up with a little hive around it (in her leg area) – when I gave her benedryl for the itching and swelling the vomiting stopped. After 5.5 hours here it comes again. 

I literally think any allergic reaction she has is manifesting itself with vomiting. 

Now I just need to convince allergy of this!

It’s going to be a long summer!!


Let’s talk vomit

OK … it’s such a fun subject to discuss … right?

Well … this is our life.  Everyday!

M has had vomiting issues since she was a baby.  We would have to change her outfit 6+ times a day due to her spitting up … the doctor just thought she was a “Happy Spitter” … do you realize that is a real thing?  A Happy Spitter?  Yeah, a surprise to me too.  They kept telling us she would outgrow it.  Hmm … still waiting!

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