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Busy Week

busy,  adjective: busy; comparative adjective: busier; superlative adjective: busiest
1. Having a great deal to do.
1.1 Occupied with or concentrating on a particular activity or object of attention.
1.2 (of a time or place) full of activity.

Oxford Dictionary – Busy

To say last week was busy is an understatement!

The schedule…


First day back to work after a week long vacation. ¬†300+ emails to catch up on, meetings and M’s ABA session at my mom’s house. Continue reading “Busy Week”


Allergy or Gut?

So, I think I have figured out M’s constant vomiting. 


We knew milk and soy – when we removed those the vomiting stopped. Then she had an allergic reaction to amoxicillin. Start up the vomiting again. 

Seasonal allergies (runny nose, etc) kicked in – vomiting worse than ever. Put her in Claritin. Found out vomits worse with Claritin and apples. Suspected allergy. 

Removed those and it stopped. Until yesterday when she got a mosquito bite. Swelled all up with a little hive around it (in her leg area) – when I gave her benedryl for the itching and swelling the vomiting stopped. After 5.5 hours here it comes again. 

I literally think any allergic reaction she has is manifesting itself with vomiting. 

Now I just need to convince allergy of this!

It’s going to be a long summer!!